X represents every Anonymous writer, every ‘Unknown’ under my favorite quotes, and every person who prefers to hide behind a mask. The absence of a name, an identity makes me intrigued. I imagine and wonder the reason behind that decision to be anonymous. Perhaps in hiding they get the courage that they couldn’t summon otherwise. Perhaps it protects them from judgments of their near and dear ones who don’t understand them. A simple letter ‘X’ serves the purpose.

Every secret letter signed off with this single alphabet speaks volumes. It tells of words unspoken, tales untold that have finally seen the light of the day. Everything so enigmatic. Everything so interesting. And who isn’t fascinated by the masked characters, unknown spooky narrators whose reliability is questionable, and every voice that seemingly has no source. And the authors behind pen names and second identities who stir minds, alter perspectives and create a revolution- Kudos to them!

Anonymity has its perks. What's yours? Ever hid yourself behind a pseudo name, if yes, how was it? I'd love to read about it, along with your opinions about anonymity. Have a good day!


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