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Meet My Favourites - I

You sometimes come across lines, pieces of poetry that makes you pause, read again and commit to memory. Those lines really do create an impact. I can never forget how this one made me feel- 'The Best Kind of Broken'. Chelsea Fine doesn’t just write novels, she draws characters that we are bound to fall in love with, that I helplessly fall in love with. Ever since I read ‘The Archers of Avalon’ series, I became her fan, and knew that I could read anything and everything she ever wrote. I loved Tristan, Scarlet, Nate and Heather- their friendship, love and adventure trips. Chelsea creates characters and makes them wholesome- with all the nuances of personality- the blacks, the whites and the grays. When you read her works, you feel you belong to that world, among her characters. I loved Sophie and Carter, her first novella. Two damaged souls, each other’s only solace. ‘The Best Kind of Broken’ is the New Adult version of that story, I believe. The characters

Always In My Heart by Mary Ellis

An Amish Miracle-1 The story and plot: Hope gave birth to another baby girl. Again. Stephan, her husband was happy for a healthy child but a son would have been better. He had prayed so much for a son to help him manage the farm, but whatever Lord had blessed them with was not really what he had wished for. The neighbors in the Amish community talked how unfortunate they were. And Hope withered away in self-pity and took it as a punishment from God for a sin she had once committed. She had given away her first born- a son, for adoption when she was just sixteen on the insistence of her father. She had been a disgrace to the family. The news was hushed and silenced before anyone knew she was unchaste. That son, wherever he was, must have grown to a man by now, Hope mused now and then. She named the baby Faith, who grew up well with love and care. When Hope finally revealed the trauma she had gone through in her teenage years to Stephen, he was hurt at first. He felt

Ramayana- 'Shattered Dreams'

‘Shattered Dreams’ is a sequel to ‘Rise of the Sun Prince’ in this Jaico Books’ new spiritual and motivational series ‘Ramayana- The Game of Life’. The first book concluded with the wedding of Rama and Sita. The story in this book commences from thereafter. Our author, Shubha Vilas takes us through the fascinating drama around Rama’s exile after twelve joyful years In Ayodhya. With enough of back story, extracts from scriptures, and many lessons for life, this book is much more than just a mythological story. The tale has many teachings, both moral and practical, for our present day to day life. Through Rama’s resolute and yet puzzling personality we are taught how to face setbacks in life, and handle problems positively. Bharata’s unique character teaches us to control our temptation and understand our real purpose in life. Sita’s persona tells us where our responsibility should lie. Her courage to renounce luxury and comfort to be with her husband Rama during his exile, te

The Wind

The wind brings with it the flavor of moist land The touch of the vast desert and the sand. It carries with it the moisture of the ocean And the memories, nostalgia, and dreams of men. It brings the longing for home Whispers and secret messages for some. It delivers men's kisses to their wives And eases fear from hearts scared for their lives. It speaks of tales untold Legends of the brave and the bold. It talks of following your heart Fearing not and making a start. Sometimes it brings back the ghosts of the past Things, thoughts, that might not long last. It's the voyager's best friend Accompanies every nomad till the end.

The Alchemist

Dreams are made to be followed. Life is meant to be lived. Some books are meant to be read, loved and passed on. The Alchemist is one of those books.  It is the story of a shepherd boy from the Spanish province of Andalusia who dreams of travelling the world in search of a treasure as desirable as any ever found. From his home he journeys to the exotic markets of North Africa and then into the Egyptian desert, where a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him…  It is an unforgettable story about the essential wisdom of listening to our heart and, above all, following our dreams. This book was a revelation. I have lost count of the many times I cried while reading it. I cried at the realization of the truth in its words. It was overwhelming. I shed happy tears on coming across sentences that made so much sense in my life. I saw everything from a different perspective, and I’m immensely thankful for that. And throughout the reading I kept scribbling in my diary, n

The Land of Yellow Cakes

This is the first time I've tried making a comic strip. :) I'll do better with dialogues next time. :)

Soul Mates?

I believe in soul mates. Your twin soul somewhere out there, or perhaps already in your life who connects with you the most, understands you the best. But I don't really think it has to be your beloved, or someone you are romantically connected to. It can be anyone- your best friend, your brother or sister, parent, or someone you're acquainted with. That person is special. She accepts you as you are no matter what. She loves you for who you are. She brings out the best in you. You don't feel the need to suppress your own real self around her. You don't feel the need of any facade to save you around her. You can just be 'You'. She brings in positive changes in you. And you realize the absence of her in your life creates an irreplaceable emptiness, a void that cannot be filled by anyone else. You can recognize her when she walks into your life. "We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason." I have been

Being Grateful

When I sit down to count my blessings, I always realize that the list is endless. Loving parents, caring friends, a sister who adores me, the ability to make it in life, and many more. They are the people who remind me of my worth when I am down and all consumed in self pity. They are the people among certain others whom I owe my well being and happiness. Their words have helped me overcome many self imposed barriers; I am so grateful for their very presence in my life. Being grateful is the secret to happiness and the science of contentment. Happiness is loving and accepting what you have and being grateful for it. And there is always something there to be thankful for, even if we think we are suffering the most. We tend to miss those things if we take them for granted. I am thankful for everything in my life, everything that has played a part into molding me to who I am today. I have realized that things happen for a reason, and every wrong turn becomes right in the larger asp


Adam, the hare had received an unexpected gift from his Uncle Sam - the Sleeping Leaves of the Forbidden Park. These leaves had been in his uncle's possession since he was an eight year old kid. Sam had thrown a big feast for his nephew. But Adam was a naughty hare who only cared about using his new gift to put someone to sleep. And suddenly, he had an idea. He found a way to enter the Forbidden Park. Stupid young hare! He went to the house where food was being prepared for the feast and put the powdered Sleeping Leaves in the wine. Now, the whole city would be asleep after the party. Soon, the feast started. Not a single person was without a glass of wine. Adam was now waiting only for everyone to fall asleep. Gradually, all the guests fell down, one by one. When Adam was sure that no one would be awake, he made his way to the Park. From outside, the Park was nothing but a barren field. He opened the gate. There wasn't a lock since nobody dared to even come nea

Call Or Chat?

source: Would you prefer a chat over a phone call? I would, yes. Why, you ask? Read on. Firstly, there’s the problem of being busy and not being able to attend the call. Missed calls give panic attacks and you keep waiting by your cell phone for the important call. And when you keep trying to connect with the other person, it might be his turn to be busy and not pick up the call. This cycle can make people on both end of the line quite irritated. But with a chat or messaging facility, you can check the messages and reply at your own suitable free hour. There is no exact time of communication. Then again, if you forget certain details of the exchange or product, like the price or venue, etc., you can always find it in your chat history, without bothering the other person again unnecessarily. Calls end, and don’t provide history details until and unless you record it. Chat history is handy and you don’t have to keep recalling the important details.

Being The Person I Am

Taking certain decisions and making choices in life is tough. Considering pros and cons and then arriving at a perfect resolution is hard. Regrets however small and minuscule are bound to surface. But finding a way around this to make both the alternatives possible in life is the best gift you give yourself. Rather than choosing an option- this ‘Or’ that, why not decide the priority and say- this now, and the other a bit later. Recalling a few similar decision making incidents in my life, I think there are many. In the intermediate level, we had to choose an optional subject- biology or computer, and both were my favorites. Schools really don’t fathom that students can be unconventional. I chose biology, but my interest and curiosity for computers didn't die. Later in my undergraduate level (B.Tech ) given the opportunity I indulged completely in programming and coding, and did come out with flying colors. Then again I had to choose between pursuing English Honors and

Queeristan by Parmesh Sahani

  Queeristan (Amazon Link) Thanks to Audible Free Trial I listened to this amazing non-fiction on LGBTQ inclusion in Indian workplaces. Author Parmesh Sahani identifies as gay Indian, working closely with Godrej higher management and employees for years to create an inclusive workplace, both legally and in spirit. This book is a result of those years of experience, research, collaboration with individuals from difference spectrum of the society and organizations who has successfully transitioned into a queer friendly one.   Indian history is inclusive. From the Khajuraho temple architectures, to Konark to the Rig Veda, there is existing proofs even 2000 years ago of Indian inclusiveness of queer. It’s the draconian British law that criminalised it, which was scraped in 2009, came into effect once again following a sad judgement in 2013 and eventually was scraped off for good in 2018. I am in awe of the lawyers who fought this legal battle- colleagues and partners – Arundhati Katju

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