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Verses: A New Flame...

I traversed the land I crossed the oceans,
Flew above the clouds Moved underground,
To burn away the me That I used to be,
I buried my old self Put it to the grave,
Kindled a new flame Tired of being the same.
I found beauty And changes aplenty,
I listened to the tale I dreamt of the lore,
I answered every whisper That the wind bore,
I'll master the pen I'll conquer the quill,
I'll built my empire With my unfaltering will.

Dear You

Dear You,
It has been several weeks since I last wrote to you. 
I didn’t know what to write about. About your songs that I keep listening to, day in and day out, in a loop; about the forums that I regularly visit and write in anonymously; about the fan fictions that I read about you; or about the doodles that I make of your name in the corners of notebooks while making futile attempts at studying, or about the multiple times I gather courage to call you, but cut the call just before it connects. I don’t know what stops me. Perhaps I fear you have forgotten me in these three long years. I don’t want to know it for real. I want to hear your voice, but I can’t bear it if you don’t recognize mine.

People here adore you, as they do in the rest of the country. Every cafĂ©, every shopping mall makes it a point to include your song in their daily playlist. Every cab tunes in to listen to your interview. And the neighbors include the latest updates about you in every chitchat. My friends gossip ab…