Park Min Young's Character in 'Healer'

Healer is a Korean Drama. It's very very interesting- the characters, the story and the plot. It's just wow!! The hero is a very famous night courier known by the name 'Healer'- the best in business in the country. No one has ever seen his face, as the job requires him to maintain anonymity. No one knows his identity.

Park Min Young's character is so much lively, so bubbly and so entertaining. She's so adorable when she tries to ease her nervousness by hoarse singing and weird dancing. She is scared easily, but tries her best to put up a brave face in front of the overpowering antagonists. She was abandoned at just eight years of age, switched orphanages several times, and went through phases of physical and mental abuse. But successfully recovered from the dark past by the help of her foster father, who's really a wonderful man. Her character is a bit tom-boyish, yet you'll surely get hooked to it. She's a reporter in a small entertainment news agency, always hopping through parking lots and apartments in search of gossips and interesting news. :)

Healer always turns up to save her whenever she's in danger, and our damsel in distress falls for him. He's like Superman, vanishing in a second to come in another getup to teach the villains a lesson. :)

Listen to this background score- it's my recent favorite. :) :) :)


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