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Nature And Light

A Guest Post by Natasha Borah Khan: I have been born and brought up in Assam, a northeastern state in India. I have grown up amidst greenery, fresh air and lots of natural light. These are the luxuries in the modern world which I had the privilege to take for granted. I had never thought that one day I would pine for these.
I have grown up in typical Assam-type homes. An Assam-type house is a ground-floor house with slanting roofs (to tackle heavy rainfall), lots of windows and ventilators (each window has a ventilator above it). The house is flooded with natural light and fresh air throughout the day and electric lights are switched on only after sunset. Every morning we would wake up with the feeling of sunlight filling the room, instead of relying on the alarm clock all the time. We did not have to check the watch every time to know the time. Just a look outside the window would be enough to judge the time.
Now I stay in Delhi with my husband and family. The windows in our home open i…

Faith- A Period Drama

The story starts in old Goreyo. A young new king is escorted from Yuan—the present day China—to Goreyo by a group of Woodalchi—a specially trained brave soldiers who protect the king, under the leadership of General Choi Young. They defend the King with all their might from enemies who want him dead, but the Queen, Princess of Yuan, is injured fatally in the process. Her condition becomes so critical that the royal doctor gives up on saving her. In those days Goreyo was not completely independent, but at mercy of Yuan. Most of the kings were married to Yuan princesses, so the queens of that era were non natives, and the death of the newlywed queen would mean war, death and loss for the kingdom. The King therefore is in a great dilemma. So on the advice of ministers, he commands Choi Young to enter the ‘heaven’s gate’ and bring a doctor from heaven to the mortal world to save the queen.

The heaven’s gate is actually a portal to the present day Seoul. Choi Young abducts a plastic surgeon…

Collecting Inspiration...

“Life is all about breaking out of your shackles and boundaries of consumerism and attachment, and looking beyond into the unknown.” – Sabyasachi Mukherjee
When I read inspirational lines like these, I gasp in awe, realizing the enormity of the meaning of the line, and for some reason tears find their way to my eyes. I stumbled upon this motivating quote while reading the designer, Sabyasachi’s article- his views about his interview with Kangana Ranaut in t2(The Telegraph’s daily supplement page). Both him and Kangana are from middle class families, have grown with similar experiences starting from childhood days to their rise to fame. I loved the article, Sabyasachi’s honest talk about their long route to success.
Many thoughts occupied my mind while reading the article. Every day my perspective changes a bit, and my thoughts mould to something clearer. I have many dreams. A list of them. But to make them all come true, I shall have to focus on one at a time. Give my all to that one, a…