Before Sunrise: A Timeless Tribute To Conversations

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One Friday evening, as I was feeling a bit lonely and homesick with nothing much to do, not even strolling on the terrace viewing the ever so beautiful mountains since it was raining hard- thus it also contributing to my gloomy mood, I decided to watch Before Sunrise. Yes, once again. A first for me. I rarely re-watch a movie. Yearning for a light-hearted yet meaningful conversation this was the best choice I had. My hostel mates were out in the city and all the people I called up were busy. Luck by chance. Thanks to the superb uninterrupted internet connection I had a great 1 hour 40 minutes that evening.

"Experiencing the otherworldly. When morning comes, we would all turn into pumpkins."

Even though it sounds like a cliche today, unplanned trips, adventures in life, serendipity and providence are romantic. Before Sunrise has all of these, when strangers indulge in light conversations, grow intrigued about each other's lives, and spend time in each other's company in Vienna.


Jesse and Celine get their palm read by a fortune teller for a few shillings; get themselves a poem written by an aspiring roadside poet with a word 'milkshakes' incorporated in it for another few shillings; watch a band perform at a nightclub; witness the birth dance in yet another nook of the city; browse through a vinyl record studio and listen to one in the listening booth while giving fleeting glances to each other. Call me old school, but this is very much romantic. 

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Travelling on trams without a plan where to get down at, getting on trains while having light banter, reading a book and gossiping about co-passengers is fun too. And the parting is inevitable since this is life. I loved that they decided not to exchange their addresses or contact details since it was stupid and they were mature sensible adults. People meet again if they have to, and don't even after lots of trying if they are not destined to.

This is a movie that takes us back to all those first meets that were just too impactful to be forgotten. I cannot remember any other film that was just about a powerful connection & fleeting romance. The details hold magic. It's poetic how life happens when you choose to linger and bare your soul in the comfort of conversations. Each of us has some of such enchanted evenings that we hold dear and close to our heart. It might have led nowhere but we are glad that it happened in our time and savour it forever.

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  1. That's an interesting film about the old age romance and simplicity about those days.

  2. I remember this movie. I watched it with my teenage daughter and all that I can remember about it was how far fetched the whole theme was. She of course loved it. Only brought home the generation gap between us.

  3. This is a very sweet movie. You have to watch the sequels now. Before Sunset and Before Midnight all set nine years apart.


  4. Lovely storyline and all the little details about the characters and the plot seems to suggest it could just be my kind of movie too. This one is surely going in my 'to be watched' list, Pratikshya. Thanks for the lovely post. I can't agree more about the last para of your post. Spoke straight to my heart.

    1. Thank you so much Esha :) :) Such words from you make my day. *Smiling ear to ear*

  5. Yes unplanned activities are very romantic. There is the element of surprise. Mind is always looking for something unknown and something novel. A right company makes the activity a real magical experience.

  6. When it comes to romance, old school thoughts or new school thoughts do not matter. What matters is the love! Excellent.

  7. That's one of my favorite movie. Have you watch before sunset?

  8. This is one of my favorite romantic movies( and I'm not a romantic movie-buff at all). Your post describes so well the poignancy and the innocence the film emanated.

  9. I have watched the movie and the sequels. And I absolutely loved it. I am craving to watch it again. I love mush.

  10. You can tell a lot about people by their opinions of this movie (and trilogy). The series is so beautiful but requires a mind willing to accept that there won't be big dramatic twists and action... I know many who rejected it saying it was boring and i disagreed.

  11. Interesting.
    You have written the review so beautifully that it is now in my to be watched list.

  12. This movie is just something else. I watched it just last year. And I have never done something quite so impulsive like this. It would be interesting to experience something or facets of it some time. And that city. Beautiful!

    [@samantha_rjsdr] from
    Whimsical Compass

  13. Definitely have to check out this movie now!

  14. Amazing and beautiful post. The story is so inspiring and romantic. Great thoughts.

  15. I am wondering how on earth did I not know about this movie till now, I am definitely going to watch it this weekend. You have reviewed it so beautifully that I feel like watching it right away.

  16. I have not watched this movie but after reading this post, I am longing to

  17. This movie epitomises romance for me... foolish, old-school, try romance.

  18. Lovely post ..I liked the way you started it..I am totally into romantic movies ..will surely watch this..meanwhile watch 'if only' ..though it a Lil sad ..but a great one..

  19. I can watch this and After Sunset again and again...Have you watched the other one? - Purva (blue sky dreamers)

  20. It is one gem of a film. I have watched it number to times till date but wouldn't think twice before watching it again.


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