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The Book I Couldn't Finish

I like reading Classics, now-a-days. So this June I tried reading ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. Almost halfway through the book, I realized, this is a weird one. I am not able to pinpoint the kind of emotions and feelings this book seems to have burdened me with. Yes, ‘burdened’ is the word. And mind you, this is the review for the half of the book that I managed to read. I left the rest unread; not every book you start is meant to be completed and this is one of those.
First, let us cover the positive aspects of the novel. It is a very passionately written book. Every dialogue oozes with passion; every scene or situation, however lovely or wretched, throbs with unparalleled passion. There’s passion in hate; passion in holding onto grudges; passion in blame, in regret, in murderous revenge, in spiteful words, in bewildered sentiments, in love that peeps in and out amidst all these.
I didn’t like the female protagonist, Catherine. Neither did I like Heathcliff, the male protago…

Unnamed Acquaintances

There are relationships which do not fit into the clear cut definitions by humans. They are earthly and yet divine in their own way. They may make us feel grounded, yet fill our being with throbbing love. Such are some of the relationships in life, that may not stay forever, but the moments teach us a thousand lessons till eternity. We miss those days, remember those lost times, but do we realize life has already changed for the better. Life before we made acquaintance with them, and life after, is different. We’ve grown, immensely. Between those times and now, life has bestowed many a gift. We have matured. Memories have lingered on with time, will linger whenever we chance upon a photo or a curio, a message, a wish, a dream.

Connecting the Dots

Arjun (Siddharth Malhotra) was asked by Tia(Alia Bhatt) what would be the one line that he would leave for the world- the line on his tombstone for people to read and remember him. ‘Akhri baar likh raha hun, hosake toh kahani yaad rakhna’- ‘Here I am writing for the last time, if possible do remember my story,’ was Arjun’s reply. We wanted to create magic with his words, write novels, and fulfill this one true passion.
Yesterday we had a project party after watching ‘Udta Punjab’ at Inox. While interacting with one of the team mates, with whom I had worked for a couple of months, I got to know about her passion. She painted, had so many beautiful canvases in her collection. I had no idea about it. She had held an art exhibition in Odisha with a friend and had also participated in international art exhibitions held in Hyderabad. So damn impressive! On being asked since when she pursued this passion of hers so seriously, she replied it was just a few years that she realized she should …