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SuperTraits of Superstars- A Review

I received the book ‘Supertraits of Superstars- Success stories of Bollywood’s Biggest’ by Priyanka Sinha Jha, from the author through The Tales Pensieve Book Review Program.
Inspiration and motivation come wherever we seek them from. Like the lives of great personalities from world history and polity, lives of our own Bollywood stars can inspire us too. Author Priyanka Sinha Jha has compiled mini-biographies of eleven stars of Bollywood, highlighting their unique traits and strengths that make them what they are. Some of them are superstars in the pinnacle of their success still working and enjoying the fruit of labour, still pushing their limits saying learning is a continuous process. Some of them are the game-changers, making the assumed impossible finally possible through their constant efforts and risk taking attitudes. The author has focused on their early life, struggle, accomplishments, achievements and what we readers can learn from it and inculcate in our lives. And it does …

Why Read 'The Debt of Tamar'?

I received the ebook from Netgalley on the part of the author for book reviewing.
The story begins with a family Dona Antonia, Reyna and Jose-the Nisshim Dynasty- the revelation of their religion and their practicing it secretly. The successive events start with the Edict of Expulsion from Spain; leading to their successful escape from the hellhole, alive; the years in Istanbul, in the save haven of the Ottoman empire under the protection of Suleiman, the Magnificent and Osman Imperial dynasty; and the birth and life of Tamar in the harem and ‘the debt’.
The narration then moves to the present world, Turkey to the stories of Selim Osman, the last living descendant of the Osmans of Ottoman Empire, and Ayda. Part III tells the infamous tale of the Nazi rule and concentration camps through the life and fate of David Herzikova. Swiftly the chapters bring about the story of Hanna Herzikova and the ‘debt’ being paid back through her.

Nicole Dweck is a very competent writer. The tone of the ent…

The Pivot Point by Kasie West

Addision Marie Coleman nicknamed Addie is a type of clairvoyant. She has the mental ability to project to the alternate futures and see the outcome of her decisions. It is her only way to decide which path to choose, when under a dilemma. She calls the ability Search or Projection. Her mother has Persuasion, and father has Discerning abilities, whom she playfully calls a lie detecting machine. She lives in The Compound- a walled city for people like her with paranormal mental abilities, whose existence is unknown to The Outside- the world beyond the city which Normals inhabit. The high rise walls of The Compound looks like a mountain range at the south of Texas.

There is a great disparity in the technologies and ease of life in these two worlds. Science is way too advanced in The Compound. Addie studies in Lincoln High, a school to groom the children’s mental gifts. Her best friend Laila can modify memory, or erase memories. Some brilliant ones are mood controllers (they can change th…