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College Days

Girl is telling the story to one of her friend. [Flashback Story]..”that was the first time I met him. He was standing right next to me” Busy roadside, Girl-(over the phone)(talking to a friend about joining  itre college) Boy –(over the phone)( talking to a friend about joining  itre college)
Girl- excuse me, can I.. borrow your hand please? Boy- borrow?(with a crooked half smile half grin, crinkles in his eyes) Girl-is that a yes? Boy- han? Girl-thanku(n holds his hand) Boy-(mouth lil agape,lil smile, lil wide eyes ..just looks) Girl-(notices that boy is still looking at her) cross the road.. Boy-cross the road?! Girl-(just nods) (Boy does as told…extremely busy road. After crossing she leaves his hand..he gives her a questioning look) Girl-(lil embarrassed.stammers)I just..have a fear..kind of..u know..phobia...road crossing phobia.(takes a u turn suddenly n leaves hurridly without another word) Boy’s friend-(smiling)who was she? Boy-I have no idea ..(looking in her direction). Co…

My Last Trip Before Lockdown

When Covid19 had just put its foot in the country with only 3 cases in Kerala, we had our Ooty trip planned. All tickets and bookings were done since the new year. With just three days in hand, four of us travelled from Mumbai, Pune and Bhubaneswar, to Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, to join a few others staying in the city. And the excitement to finally meet one another after 6 months of that trip to Pune, the Lohagard Trek- we were kids excitedly clicking selfies in our face masks, hurriedly putting a quick dab of sanitizer before hugging one another.

Next day early morning we were to start for Ooty. Sleepy heads, gulping a bowl each of muesli, we started onward journey to Bandipur National Park. Devouring uttapams, dosas and piping hot cups of coffee for breakfast at a restaurant by the highway, chit chats were full on, as was the music and dance in the 12-seater vehicle. Funny anecdotes had us laughing our hearts out, gossips were such a thrill and cooking recipe exch…

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