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College Days

Girl is telling the story to one of her friend. [Flashback Story]..”that was the first time I met him. He was standing right next to me” Busy roadside, Girl-(over the phone)(talking to a friend about joining  itre college) Boy –(over the phone)( talking to a friend about joining  itre college)
Girl- excuse me, can I.. borrow your hand please? Boy- borrow?(with a crooked half smile half grin, crinkles in his eyes) Girl-is that a yes? Boy- han? Girl-thanku(n holds his hand) Boy-(mouth lil agape,lil smile, lil wide eyes ..just looks) Girl-(notices that boy is still looking at her) cross the road.. Boy-cross the road?! Girl-(just nods) (Boy does as told…extremely busy road. After crossing she leaves his hand..he gives her a questioning look) Girl-(lil embarrassed.stammers)I just..have a fear..kind of..u know..phobia...road crossing phobia.(takes a u turn suddenly n leaves hurridly without another word) Boy’s friend-(smiling)who was she? Boy-I have no idea ..(looking in her direction). Co…