I've attempted to sketch certain characters that sometimes peep through my thoughts, but in vain. Never have I been able to do complete justice to them. They are so well formed inside my mind, with a mind and conscience of their own, but when I start typing about them, their life, their story, I always feel something is missing. The character feels incomplete.

I had always this image of a traditional Muslim girl with a 'hijab' covering her head. She lived in not-so-modern surroundings in an Arabic town, with small tombs and brick dwellings around her home. Belonging to a very conservative family and society, the only place where she could be herself was the terrace; free from the glare of her father and her aunt, free from the worldly affairs, with solely herself and the birds for company. Today I named her Qiana. Twenty three year old, beautiful woman- Qiana. Her image is not that developed in my mind, but occasionally I see her.

She has a younger brother, Qadr, who is thirteen year old and cares a lot for her. The sibling relationship is very close to my heart. I love it when he saves the extra helpings of rice for her, while she is locked in a room for the day by her aunt. I love the way she calls his name, ever so sweetly at first, to wake him up, and then screaming near his ears. I really hope to get my thoughts around her story soon. I so much want to write about her, her thoughts, in bits and pieces. :) :) :)


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