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Heart Lore

Heart Lore

The wind still blows
The breeze still whistles through my ears.
But doesn’t sooth me anymore.

The Christmas carols are still sung
In the church, at the far end
The bells still jingle their message
To one and all
And the beautiful Christmas tree
Still, does call me for some appreciation
But none of them excite me anymore.

Winter once again has brought
Its chilly evenings and enthralling spirit
But nothing pleases me anymore.

Away from friends
Longing overshadows joy
And the deep feeling of nostalgia
Depresses and pains….

Down the memory lane
I want to dive—
In my past rejoices
Those small unforgettable moments.

When sadness surges through the soul,
The spirit dampened in melancholy
The heart’s sentiments grip on me so strong
And the deep expectations, engrossing dreams, true desires
That the heart hath spun,
Are all unfulfilled….
Only an evergreen smile canopying the face
Comes to my relief..

The Past never calls us
But we do turn and look back—
Trying to cling to it
And ye…

On christmas eve

On Christmas Eve

I look intently
When the door opens
Bringing the night chill in.

A hope that does arise—
A hope for a momentary pleasure
And a thrust of happiness
An over delayed joy,
After years of missing and longing.

I see a foot stepping in
And my heart leaps up
A face tries to show itself
From the shadow of the night...
And my eyes eager to look through—
Search in the darkness
And make me rise
From my chair.

I move forward with the greatest hope—
To find the face I expect.
Forward and forward do I move
And he does too….
Till the fire from the chimney
Is able enough to reveal that face.

My feet stop
My eyes open wide in disbelief…
And my mouth agape
Unable to utter a word.

Yes, yes….My brother is back…
My dearest bro…

A wailing and a desperate cry
Consoled by a gentle hug…
The circumstances that had betrayed once
Favor me now
Then, we had separated
Now, we unite.

The frost outside, and the night’s darkness
Have gifted me my best Christmas gift.


I walk through the forest line
Into the darkness, leaving back the sunshine
Breaking a stick or two, under the feet of mine
I gingerly walk through the forest line.

I see a bush here, a bush there
Then cautiously walk, never to step into a snare
Shivering from head to toe
I fear the attack of an animal or a foe.

I turn back to see the daylight
But oh no! It’s out of sight
Left are only the colossal, thick, dense trees
Hiding even the sky and obstructing the cool breeze.

I head towards the forest’s end
Knowing not, how much time I’ve to spend
Regretting my foolish thought of adventure
And meanwhile fearing a dreadful future.

I hear a squeak, a screech, a croak and a howl
And say,” Oh! Now not even a growl.”
Then I run as fast as I can
Jumping over huddles, whether a bush or bran.

Then the golden rays of the sun was in sight
“Hurrah, I have found the light.”
Running, jumping, as if in a race
Finally I got out of The Forest of Darkness.

To my great surprise,…