Thinking Out Loud ~ Once In a While

I don’t know what to write about. Well, there is a lot to write about though. The month of December 2018 brought in so many new experiences in my life, that I ought to write about them. But I don’t know where to begin. Well, for one, I am afraid. I am afraid that the tumultuous emotions that I have been long evading, ignoring, shutting out could overwhelm me before I could even attempt to put them in words coherently. I am afraid that the more I try to reason things, make sense of events that occurred, the more I would confuse myself. Maybe that’s the reason it has been difficult to write all these days, even when all I wanted to do was write- jot down all those thoughts that trespassed my conscious mind. I still don’t know what to type, where to start, but I’ll make an honest attempt. A vulnerably honest one.
The sound of typing feels so familiar. I wonder why I had been away from words and blogging for so long. Certain someone had said that I reside too much inside my own mind and t…

Gratitude for the Days Gone By

My mother hasn’t called me up since last Wednesday. It’s just been two days and I don’t want to sound like a baby in the crib seeking attention, but it’s getting me feeling sad. Away from home and always in this feeling of constant transition has drained me a lot. Friends and well wishers are around but there’s this emotional need that has grown with time and has me craving for home. But what is home anyway? I have grown my own safe haven of familiarities and comforts here in these few months. But still, this feeling persists.

On gratitude front I have a lot to talk about.Last Monday when I and my hostel mate were travelling from Delhi to Dehradun by train, life turned happening. Our AC chair car was stopped at Roorkee station for an uncertain time period. Upon inquiring we found a certain luggage train had derailed and the tracks were being repaired. And it could take hours. Slowly and steadily, by and by, the crowd grew thinner in our berth. Everyone started taking off with their l…

Hello From The Other Side

It has been a while since I wrote in this space. It has been a while since I wrote anything at all. So much has happened in this span of a month and a half. So many developments in the lives of people around me, so many speculations in my own mind, so many misunderstandings and also so many occasions to have sheer fun and make memories. College life is happening indeed, a lot less stressful than the job life. But then I wonder if I am doing it wrong. Perhaps I am not putting in the effort that I ought to. But this whole process is just allowing myself enough liberty to do things, try things and learn and make mistakes. Now that it's time to go home for the Diwali break, I have this weird feeling developing inside my stomach. Like I am in a limbo, missing all the places in transition, all the people I have bonded over here and virtually.

So this is a quick write up to just say 'Hi' , 'Hello' , 'I am alive and well.' Haha! How are things at your end? And wis…

Into The Woods #Wordless

The more you venture into the jungle, the more it tries to swallow you up. The more you dare tread near the tall trees, the more it tries to gobble you up. Experiencing a bit of that feeling I once had while reading 'Kafka On The Shore'.

I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter.

A Gratitude List: The Sweetest Thing in a Seekers' Life

I am so lucky to have people here who appreciate me and acknowledge my presence around them. They barge into my room to help uplift my mood through their laughable banter and the day's comic happenings. They cheer me up when I am down. I truly feel stress relieved around them. Everything seems light, every goal seems achievable at that moment. Such people should be in everyone's life.
I have got myself a good study and ideas partner. We are in sync most of the times, discussing further action plans and to do lists. We are not in a hurry to go back to our rooms to sleep, we agree on doing hard work when things demand it, and we share stuff well. I am grateful for this. Conversations are great when the other person talks more than me. I am a great listener but when it comes to conversations, I sometimes struggle to keep it going. With her, it is always free-flowing. 
Though I don't like spending time on social media that much, chats these days have become a go-to place for con…

The One To Leave First

I have always been the one to leave first. Be it luck or circumstance, it has always been this way. Some of the times it has been my decision to venture out of my comfort zone first before all my peers decide to do the same and I am left behind, alone in the old world. The decisions are out of fear of being left alone, most of the times. Or is it self-preservation instead? 

I am a person who takes time to adapt, make new friends, get accustomed to new surroundings- an unlikely one to leave first- yet I do. You might think me selfish, but I am just afraid, and I decide to take care of myself first. Some might see this as a major risk-taking attitude, but I mostly see it as fleeing before the 'desertion' hits me instead. Now that's a strong word indeed. I am always in search of safe ground, always so insecure and calculating my moves lest I end up being alone on the island.
Paranoiac. Several things bother me at once. What if my peers get on with their lives leaving me behi…

Before Sunrise: A Timeless Tribute To Conversations

One Friday evening, as I was feeling a bit lonely and homesick with nothing much to do, not even strolling on the terrace viewing the ever so beautiful mountains since it was raining hard- thus it also contributing to my gloomy mood, I decided to watch Before Sunrise. Yes, once again. A first for me. I rarely re-watch a movie. Yearning for a light-hearted yet meaningful conversation this was the best choice I had. My hostel mates were out in the city and all the people I called up were busy. Luck by chance. Thanks to the superb uninterrupted internet connection I had a great 1 hour 40 minutes that evening.

"Experiencing the otherworldly. When morning comes, we would all turn into pumpkins."
Even though it sounds like a cliche today, unplanned trips, adventures in life, serendipity and providence are romantic. Before Sunrise has all of these, when strangers indulge in light conversations, grow intrigued about each other's lives, and spend time in each other's company …

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