Fantine #atozchallenge


Fantine is a fictional character created by Victor Hugo, in his 1862 novel Les Miserables. She’s a factory worker, and becomes a reluctant prostitute to cater to the needs of her daughter, Cosette.

She is pretty, innocent and naïve orphan at first, but is forced by circumstances to sell her hair and teeth and become a prostitute. In the process she loses her beauty and her health, but proves to be a good mother. But unknown to her the fraudulent caretakers of Cosette extorted money from her for themselves. After Fantine’s untimely death, Cosette is rescued and raised by Valjean, the main protagonist of this tale.

Les Miserables is a long story. An epic tale spanning years. I have not read the book but I really liked the movie. It vividly shows the beauty of poetry and expression of various feelings through the verses. I love the words, the rhythm, and the rhyme. It feels poetic way of conversing is the only natural way; talking and prose just corrupt it. That’s why we learn nursery rhymes and songs and remember it almost our whole lives.

This story, set in the backdrop of the French Revolution is meant to be remembered by people, make an impact and be in their living memories. And it completely achieves its aim.


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