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In real life the person’s appearance matters- you see the person physically and it’s the appearance that you first take note of. In reading a novel it is not so- the descriptions of the appearance don’t matter as much as the thoughts, the emotions and the core sentiments of the character. It is this that makes you root for the character. You see the person in the book with a new set of eyes- the ones that empathize more and are closer to your soul. How wonderful reality would be if we cared enough to see through those eyes that are perhaps often reserved for reading!

It is true that reading increases empathy in individuals. It enhances the power of those eyes that are hidden somewhere within your own consciousness. It makes you observe, not just see the surface. You learn to see the beauty in the fragility of human beings, in unevenness and imperfection. You see meaning in dents, flaws and shades of grey. You witness such beautiful minds who know not their own worth. You encounter so many lives, so many people who leave traces of themselves in your mind.

Why is it that we long to be overwhelmed? To be thrilled. To be mesmerized beyond belief. To have Goosebumps. Why do we want that surge of fear and watch horror? Why do we desire that adrenalin rush and take up seemingly reckless outdoor activities?

It is because in that rare instance of time we are present with all our consciousness in that particular moment, the Now, the ultimate present. No part of our minds lingers in the past, and no part speculates the future at that moment. No part wants to revive the past, and no part wants to be in the day dreams of future. All we want is to be present in the Now, to feel the bliss in our bones.
Never let go of that which makes you feel alive, overwhelms and astounds you.

Some people don’t understand you because their minds do not work in the same bandwidth as yours. They just don’t get what you mean. They don’t get the magnitude of the things you say. They understand and view things in a completely different bandwidth.
Reading and observing with perseverance increases this bandwidth.

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