Dancing to the happy tunes

There is something addictive in grooving to your favorite music. It feels liberating to shake your head to the beats and swirl to the tunes. It feels awesome, kind of magical, to be able to move and tap and watch yourself perform the steps in the mirror while the loudspeakers produce tangible vibrations in the background.

It’s the one thing that has kept me engaged this week. I find myself doing those unwarranted random jerky head shakes quite unconsciously while travelling to home in the evening in an auto. And then soon check if anyone’s noticed me, upon realization. It has become my crazy pleasure to surprise myself.

I remember when travelling with friends, we used to listen to a few of these songs and singing out loud in the car. We would make funny faces and funny mimics of the voices. It was hilarious and fun. Cheap thrills! We would jiggle and waggle to the Zing Zing Zingat – a Marathi song that has found quite an audience even outside Maharashtra.

I have been listening to a few songs on loop nowadays. Do listen to them when you find time. It may find a place in your ‘songs-in-the-loop’ too. Sing and dance and stay happy. Happy Weekend!

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