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'The Fastest Way to Success isn't what you Think' reassured me that it's okay not to be 'faster, better and stronger' always. It's okay to be behind- as long as you are better than you were yesterday. It is fine to fail and accept it. You need to keep trying, and that is a creative and successful life. I got to know that Finland has a day for failure celebrated on 13th of October. Such an awesome endeavor to celebrate our mistakes, shortcomings, drawbacks, vulnerabilities, mistakes, awkward fails and all those embarrassing losses. I wish we would celebrate this day too, just to remind ourselves to feel the importance of these things in our lives.

Journaling has been a subject very close to my heart. I have been keeping a diary jotting down my thoughts for about fifteen years. Now my blog records half of my thoughts, experiences, and emotions. So reading this article made me smile wide. My Therapy. My best listener. My best companion. I also discovered another kind of journaling through blog posts. Art Journaling. It is said to help with mindful living and is a good mind therapy. An exciting lease to inner creativity.

I watched 'Ae Dil He Mushkil' with friends today. Loved the movie, fell for each of the characters. Karan Johar has written and scripted such a memorable tale. One time watch, yes, but still I loved it. And then I discovered this sweet book through links and pages. Wanna read this book so much!! And there is Pablo Neruda and the love sonnets. Loved these quotes today.

"Genuine love is friendship. Genuine love resides only in the present moment. Genuine love is everyday. Genuine love feels no need to entertain the space away. "- Waylon H. Lewis

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