The Beauty Inside

‘The Beauty Inside’ is a 2015 South Korean movie based on a book named ‘Every Day’ by David Levithan. It’s a romantic comedy but talks at large of living a life of transition, alteration and inevitable change. It is a story of a man who wakes up every day in a different body. Some mornings he is a handsome young man; sometimes an old middle aged person with arthritis and poor vision and sometimes a woman. He wakes up as a child or a girl or a bald headed obese man at times. But no face or body ever repeats itself. He has to adjust to this 24 hour change that his entire system goes through. The story is how he becomes used to this change and finds love even in his unusual situation.

The protagonist Woo-jin is a furniture designer.  The bodies he finds himself in, every morning, is regardless of age, gender or nationality. There are times he wakes up as a foreigner. He experienced this for the first time on his 18th birthday, and his life was never the same. He withdrew from his friend circle, closed himself inside the house. One single friend knew his secret and accepted him as he was, stayed with him through thick and thin. He took time to figure out his life step by step. He added to his wardrobe for diverse body types, kept a case of lenses of different powers, a shoe rack of different sizes and styles, and modified his belongings to suit anyone and everyone. If he ever found himself having an ugly face, his only solace was that it would last only as long as he slept again. Tomorrow would bring another face, another body.


It was hard to find love and make it stick. The girl Yi-Soo knows his secret and loves him anyway. She helps him through the crowded street when he is an old man, carries him/piggy back when he is a child, allows him to protect her when he is at his prime, capable and links hands with him leisurely when he is young. Will their love last forever? Will it be easy for her to settle into this eternal state of discomfort, unpredictability, uncertainty, and metamorphosis for the sake of love? Do watch the movie. It’s highly imaginative, but truly a revelation. It is very soulful.

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