Wanderlust, is it?

I want to travel to Istanbul and witness the amalgamation of cultures of two religions. I want to travel to Japan and live in their histories. I want to travel to China and understand their tales, myths, and legends. I want to visit Bhutan and learn about the Buddhist way of life and happiness quotient there. I want to see the Nazca lines. I want to see the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I want to experience the peaceful and soulful Balinese culture in Bali. I want to travel to Florence and see for myself the beauty described in novels. I want to visit Jordan and witness the enormous creations, the red sand, the canyons and feel the wonder.

I am not able to stay still, sit at one place without wondering and searching the details of these places. I have been searching for places that require no Visa for Indian citizens and the list is awesome. I also searched for those places that provided Visa on arrival. I think this is the first time I am feeling wanderlust at this scale. I feel like putting every care away and just bag packing to some mesmerizing place.

I also have been searching for travel groups too like Times Passion Trails, Wander Girls, and Girls on the Go. I want to travel to be meaningful, a learning experience to widen my view of the world. I want to live everywhere and absorb the rich heritage of each place. I want to feel the energy and aura of every single place or culture in my bones. I want to feel the breath and the air and the cosmos in that place- and send all the overwhelming bliss within me back to the universe.

I want to learn baking things first hand in Italy, learn the art of making dumplings in Japan, test my limits and improve my stamina to trek miles in the Rainbow Mountains, and so many things more. I want to see what the azure sea looks like in real, not just from the voyage channels on television. I want to do this and that. This and that. The list is endless. I want to start somewhere and then just continue on that path. I want to travel. A lot.

I have been reading the blogs in Bruised Passports and Beautiful Destinations. It’s sheer wanderlust, guilty pleasure. I wish. I wish. I wish. They have such cool jobs- just travel to numerous destinations, click breathtaking pictures, write travelogues, taste delicious cuisines and get paid for it all. Feeling so jealous! They do have talent, though. It’s not for nothing that they get paid so well. God bless.

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