Let's Talk About Wish Lists

It is said that if you write it down, you get the motivation to do it. It has always proved to be right in my life. When I read the old journals I find many wishlists jotted down- half of it already fulfilled. The subconscious mind registers the attempts and leads you to find the right opportunities to realize your dreams. So here's my recent wishlist. I do have many:

I want to watch an opera.

Visit the theatre.

Learn a new language perfectly to be able to read books in that language.

I want to travel a lot. I also want to be able to travel alone. Cherry blossoms in Japan- the first thing that comes to my mind right now.

I want to read a lot. Read all the books in my wishlist. Currently, to name a few- Shame by Salman Rushdie, The Ghost Bride, Empress Orchid, Sita's Sister, A thousand splendid suns, Love in the time of Cholera, etc. etc.

I want to take many mini courses. On Art Journaling, clay modeling, pottery, creative writing, novel writing, mindful living, travelling, cooking, baking, stitching, paper quilling, painting on the canvas, on herbs, on gardening. So many things!!!! I wish.

I want to experience ashram life- like the Brahma Kumaris; like Elizabeth Gilbert did in India during her four months visit- waking up at 4 am, practicing sitting in silence for hours, hard work of repetitive work, community service, and long philosophical talks about everything. I want to know if I can endure it, if I can like it.

I want to practice yoga- soulful living, cleansing all toxins from my body and mind every day. Someone should influence me to. I would need a mentor.

I want to experience Vippasana meditation in its center in Igatpuri, Mumbai. The 10 day course of living with self, without talking much, and travelling inwards- I want to experience all of it. Can I endure that inner travel? I wonder.

I want to take part in a pilgrimage yatra. Iskcon yatra to Vrindaban and Govardhan, cook for Krishna in the earthen chullahs like thousands of devotees present there, and feel the vibes of devotion and peace in the air. I want to participate in any one such yatra.

Want to visit all the Buddhist monasteries in India. Be able and fit enough to trek the distance and reach it. (Tiger Monastery in Bhutan)

Want to taste all types of world cuisines.

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