Where would I be going?

Where would I be going? What is my long term plan for my blog?
Truly speaking I had not even thought about that, until yesterday morning, when I read the blog post suggestions for day three of #UBC. I lack vision, I realized. On further thought, not only in blogosphere, but also in my life – I lack vision. I lack long term goals. All I have are short term goals, at most for a year. The best ones were AtoZ challenges where we had to choose a theme and plan our blog posts for a whole month. And yes- book reading challenges by Goodreads, where I had to read as many books as I could get my hands on. Looking back, they were great, but not that promising to be called a vision. So, I need to sit with my ‘to-do’ lists and my diary and plan my days ahead. A blogging calendar would help, I think.
Resolutions don’t work for me. When I plunge into something with full excitement, energy and a mind bubbling and bursting with ideas- it all fizzles away within a few days. I get bored once the initial phase is over. The ‘In Progress’ phase that sets in after a few days of the newly started hobby, or project, no longer makes me excited. All curiosities are gone now that I have explored the surface of it. Diving deep needs more patience than I ever thought. I feel not ready for it- to devout my time fully to the cause. And eventually I leave it off half done. Three unfinished manuscripts, none of them even halfway through, are testimony to this. I have started numerous paintings, all left off in the middle. Starting something is very easy, but finishing it is difficult. I wish I could stick to one of them, and at least complete it.
Keeping it simple and short, all in all, I would be aiming at improving my alexa rank, page views, providing good quality content to my readers. Sometimes I think about self-hoisted platforms, then think against going to that. I perhaps need a blog branding mentor. But then, I need a full-fledged plan, which I don’t have right now.
Of course I would be posting more and more of different book reviews, movie reviews, K-drama reviews and food for thought gained through personal experiences. I am thinking to add a ‘Travel Diaries’ section to my blog. I aim to take part in ‘100 days Happiness Project’. I intend to write more.

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