21 Random Facts About Me

  1. My mornings begin at 6.30 am. It's rarely later than that. I feel as if half of my day has passed if I wake up late, so I try to get up early. Moreover it is the quietest time. I try to do a bit of meditation or Pranayam, and then write or study with a cup of tea or Horlicks.
  2. I am a firm believer in early to bed and early to rise. So my day ends at about 10:30 pm. After that I can stay awake only on special occasions like a family or friends get together or a trip. 
  3. I read almost every day. I am reading two novels right now- She loves me, He loves me not by Zeenat Mahal and It's all in the planets by Preeti Shenoy. 
  4. I love watching short and sweet tele series, mini series, and short award winning films. I like watching different ads too in YouTube, as I rarely watch TV to be able to view those. I like watching trailers of movies of different languages- this is something I usually do. 
  5. I love watching Korean series, and would promote those with all my heart. I think they are very sensitive, emotional, and highly imaginative stuff, that can challenge any creative mind. I love the depth in the characters portrayed in the series. Currently watching Scarlett Heart- a historical drama of Goreyon era.
  6. I love sipping. It may be tea, coffee, soup or just Horlicks. I love sipping.
  7. I had started my blog first in Bombadill Publishing website solely for writing poetry. Then in 2009 I started it here to publish my poems and paintings. I used to pen verses then, now it's rarely a poem. 
  8. The first novel I read was in 7th grade. It was 'Molly Moon and The Incredible Book of Hypnotism'. I had loved the book to bits. Hypnotism as a concept was so new to me then. It was a very treasure-hunt like experience.
  9. I am a Cancerian. Way too emotional and Moody. My moods tend to wane and wax like the moon. 
  10. I am spiritual to the core, may not be religious. Rituals interest me but I am not a staunch believer of rituals or pratha. I believe in God, and that universal spirit. I believe that thoughts echo out there in the cosmos and we receive the fruits of our labour in the long run.
  11. I am very talkative if in close groups of friends. I have a lot to share, many deep insights. But those who don't know me deeply find me quiet, silent and not much of a talkative person. 
  12. I love chatting with my sister for hours. We talk a lot when together. We have diverse topics which never tend to exhaust. She is my go-to person in every case. 
  13. I have an OCD with creased bed sheets. I just can't stand it. They have to be clean and neatly spread every single time. Or else I do it myself. 
  14. I have been keeping a diary every year for the last ten to thirteen years. Have lost a few of them, old ones with drawings and copies of poems from children's magazines. I jotted down my memories in them, every good and bad day's events.
  15. I forget things very easily. Therefore I keep journals, diaries, notes with to-do lists. Without those I am nothing. I also click many pics of events or recipes I make, just so that I would remember it all. 
  16. I love to try variety of soups. My recent indulgence. Dumpling soup is my recent favorite.
  17. I like to chop vegetables. A lot. It feels like great therapy to be. I can sit for hours and chop as finely as you'd want.
  18. Writing is a therapy for me. A meditation. I love it. I can be most authentic and original and totally myself without any inhibition while writing. I love writing long letters to my best friends.
  19. I do quarrel with my sister. I do shout at unreasonable and quarrelsome auto drivers at times. I do fight with friends. I am not all quiet, meek and timid as some might think me to be. I can be as terrifying as a red-eyed ghost, when it comes to it. I had once run after a masked 'ghost' in a horror house with umbrella, after trying to pull out his mask.
  20. I do not like pumpkin. I love vegetables. I hate mutton. I like fish, egg and chicken. I can just manage prawn. 
  21. I am scared of cow. I am scared of riding cycle, or scooty though I know it perfectly well with years of experience. 

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