The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


I have got into watching anime nowadays. Who could have thought that a children’s movie could have such an intricate plot and so appealing a story-line to get me hooked till the end!! I really had never expected to like it so much. The concepts of time travel and ample mysterious sequences, makes this animated adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui’s sci-fi and romantic novel of the same name, an interesting watch.

the girl who leapt through time

A teenage girl (a tomboy actually) accidentally acquires the ability to leap through time. She goes back a few minutes, or hours, just by chance at first. Afraid to be dubbed crazy or mad, she doesn't tell about it to anyone except her aunt who works in the museum at restoring old paintings. But when she gets saved from a major train accident, she understands the way to travel through time and uses it to her advantage. She uses it to get back home early and eat her favorite pudding; to pass the surprise Maths test with flying colors; to sing at the karaoke for hours together with her friends; and to complete chores on time. Life is beautiful for her. But misutilizing the ability and playing with time has its consequences. Things do not turn out as she wants them to anymore, and she realizes that she’s playing with the emotions of her friends. Trying to correct the mess she has created, she gets to know that she has a limited number of time travels left and that someone else, aside from herself, too has the ability to take time leaps. But who is it?

The mystery is good and the entwining of the subplots is interesting. The drab and boring high school routine life could become so engaging if this were true!! Again making the audience live through a childhood fantasy, with enough food for thought and sentiments. 



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