New Year Special

The perpetual traveler says ‘anywhere but here’ every time, on arriving at a destination. He likes the journey itself, not the end of it, where the destination lies. I am no different. Journeys are beautiful, with all their ups and downs, highs and lows. I enjoy it whole heartedly while it lasts, since I’m not good at managing endings. Missing the tidbits and the nostalgia, adapting to newness is a bit hard. Then again, it’s the beginning of a yet another journey. So with little nervousness, and more excitement I welcome the New Year, 2014.

 The first day saw me scribbling lists and ‘to-do’s in my diary. I got a new diary, as I get one every year. This time it’s a thin and narrow one. Last year was quite an eventful one. I went through the many jottings, writings in the margins, drafts in my message inbox, and archived messages. Each one reminded of a certain moment, a certain task I accomplished, and a certain thing I failed at. And I once again filled my new diary with new scribbles. Here’s one of those.
One day, :)
I shall hold the world in my grip,
I shall flow into the minds so deep,
I shall emerge like the rising sun,
Just waiting for time to take its turn.
                                      - Ruchi Mishra


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