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Read my review here, a guest post at A Potpourri of Vestiges.

Lee Min Ho had been my favorite Korean star since forever, and Park Shin Hye had made her way into my heart little by little through ‘Heartstrings’, ‘Flower Boy Next Door’, and ‘You are beautiful’. And, the joy of watching them together on screen for the first time! Priceless!! They look best as a couple. Loved ‘Heirs’.

Loved Lee Min Ho’s acting. He’s such a talented actor. ‘City Hunter’ was one of his best performances. His just one look speaks a thousand words. Impeccable looks, gifted height, and flawless acting make him one of the best actors of the industry. Be it the role of a vigilante in ‘City Hunter’, or a fake gay architect in ‘The Personal Taste’, or the filthy rich 18 year old Kim Tan in ‘Heirs’- he does justice to every role.

The story, in spite of its newness and social concepts had its share of repetitions. The poor girl coming to live with the rich guy’s family seemed borrowed from ‘Playful Kiss’. The camping scenes were almost exact of those in ‘To the Beautiful You’.

Even though I miss the characters, I wouldn’t want a season 2 for ‘Heirs’, because it would break the anticipation. There would be no more waiting, no more day dreaming. No more imaginations about the events of future. No more game. That would mean a real farewell.

I am apprehensive about a second season because I would hate to be disappointed. Will it have the same charm, the addictive factor and the freshness as the first season? Will there be the same actors? Will the characters change? No, please no. It would break my heart if the characters or actors are different, or if no justice is done to the characters and the story.

‘Dream High’ was great but its second season had sadly flopped, badly. I think it’s a similar reason why there has been no second season for ‘Boys over Flowers’, while the entire world’s fans are waiting. And yes, the wait is sweet. It has resulted in numerous around the world conversations among the fans; Korean related forums; blogs and websites dedicated to all things Korean; and so many fan fictions too. I like to read these fan fictions. They are very imaginative and funny.

I had once tried to write such a fan fiction, but the situations and dialogues seemed funnier in my mind than on paper (or in the laptop screen). Still the characters are living and breathing creatures over populating my brain. I need a regular dose of imagination to accommodate and discipline them. LOL.

I had tried to write a little piece on Heirs, just to overcome the after effects and the hangover of watching it. Read my review here, a guest post at A Potpourri of Vestiges.



Queeristan by Parmesh Sahani

  Queeristan (Amazon Link) Thanks to Audible Free Trial I listened to this amazing non-fiction on LGBTQ inclusion in Indian workplaces. Author Parmesh Sahani identifies as gay Indian, working closely with Godrej higher management and employees for years to create an inclusive workplace, both legally and in spirit. This book is a result of those years of experience, research, collaboration with individuals from difference spectrum of the society and organizations who has successfully transitioned into a queer friendly one.   Indian history is inclusive. From the Khajuraho temple architectures, to Konark to the Rig Veda, there is existing proofs even 2000 years ago of Indian inclusiveness of queer. It’s the draconian British law that criminalised it, which was scraped in 2009, came into effect once again following a sad judgement in 2013 and eventually was scraped off for good in 2018. I am in awe of the lawyers who fought this legal battle- colleagues and partners – Arundhati Katju

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