Odisha's Handicrafts: A Picture Post

Papier Mache: Best Waste Paper & Cloth Recycle Product (Pinterest)

Sandart in Puri Beach (WikiCommons)

Intricate Stone Carvings in Konark (WikiCommons)

PattaChitra- Palm Leaf etchings (WikiCommons)

Coir Crafts (odialive.com)
Applique works in Pipili, Odisha (Flickr)

Silver Filigree from Silver City Cuttack (indiamart.com)

Ikat- Handloom- Craft- Sarees (strandofsilk.com)

Terracotta (odishasuntimes.com)
Terracotta Elephants (communityodia.com)

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  1. These are all lovely pieces, but I have to say the paper mache elephant is my favorite. A flower-adorned trunk a beautiful thing indeed.


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