Voicing Your Thoughts

There's a thought. A thought that germinated in many minds around the world including mine. A thought that has been ridiculed, humiliated, and questioned numerous times in history. It has also been validated and proved innumerable times. A thought that believes in divinity of art. That art is the essence of life, art is power and more. And most importantly, Art is NOT just an escape. We are connected by the invisible string of that thought. And I here invite believers and non believers in the exploration of art and the world encompassed by it.

Art is meant to be imperfection personified. What is art if it is just another word for perfectionism? What is art if it does not cry out from the depth of your soul, echoing inside your mind incessantly till either your mind bursts or it is expressed out in some form. What is art if not a question. If not an expression of emotion. If not an outlet for Chaos. Liberation of thoughts that taunt your psyche. Outlet for grief and gratitude alike.

# ArtNotAnEscape

A very dedicated website for art (theartist.me)

What are your thoughts? Please do share.

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  1. I don't believe in the divinity of art as such, but I do believe it is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves better and connecting with others. It can be extremely therapeutic to express ourselves creatively, turning our emotions and inner reflections into something tangible. It's also a fantastic medium through which we can draw attention to and critique issues in our society.


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