Melody Hansen: Art That Speaks Volumes

because, honestly

Hansen introduces herself as graphic designer, illustrator, and creative director. 
“I visualize and I create.”
Her art projects ‘Because, honestly’ and ‘The Recollection’ is aimed at provoking thought and inviting honest conversations through questions posed by each artwork. It is aimed to challenge expectations and assumptions that all is either black or white, mental health being its core idea.

because, honestly
Because, Honestly

What started by playing around a little with Photoshop and texts, making texts shine, glitter or fuzzy, gave birth to art forms unique yet simple. Color coordinating things on Powerpoint presentation, making posters for different projects, drawing on the top of t-shirts, her artwork evolved. Working on typography helped Hansen in building her own brand.

because, honestly
Because, Honestly

“Each one of us are living our own, unique stories at our own pace.”
My takeaways from her:

“16 years later, and working is hard. To see where you want to be, but not being there yet is frustrating. Sometimes, I don't want to be a grown-up. Sometimes, I want to fast-forward to where I'm successful and settled and skip the lengthy quiet, lonely seasons. But when these "sometimes" come, I have to remind myself that time is on my side. That time isn't out to get me, that these growing pains are important. This is the in-between. This is the part of the film that is boring to watch, but essential to the story. “

because, honestly
Because, honestly

“In a culture that determines success by how fast a stranger likes your photo or by the amount of content you release so you don't go forgotten, the idea of taking your time is not popular.“
“How I process who I am can only be done by me. And no one else can experience what I internally experience. The pressure is only a mere illusion. As Blood Orange says, "no one's waiting for you anyway, so don't be stressed now."

because, honestly
Because, Honestly
I love these artworks.

They are so simple yet on your face. Especially, 'We talk but I can't see you.' I have felt this so many times. In today's world we just talk to network, baring one's soul to understand someone's core self is so rare these days. We talk, "connect", but we rarely actually "see" the other person. That vulnerable self that provides depth to connection.

Amazed by these awe inspiring art works. Really!!

The strokes, the lettering, the handwritten font, the paint on the sketch of the face hiding a part of it- all make us feel uncomfortable- just as the issue of mental health does too. Her ideas are fresh, lines messy and emotions portrayed- soft. None of it is pretty, by the norm, but each of it speaks with beauty. 
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