Booksie Tales

I love libraries. I love books. I love the very look of the cover, the feel of the pages, the font of the script, and the blurb in the binding. Sometimes I feel like laminating my favorite book covers and hanging them in some ‘Hall of Favorites’. That can form a series too- a new, beautiful cover for a new edition of the book. I want to learn about this artistic cover designing some day.

I think more than reading a book, I like to be surrounded by books. The atmosphere they create is very peaceful. They are the most comforting of friends, without making one feel vulnerable or judged. Being in a library is a bliss. It’s like many worlds present at the same place; you just have to delve into them. I wish books came with real portals to their world, like an entrance to a parallel universe. It would be amazing to live a few days with the characters we so much love. Given a chance I would want to visit Jane Austen’s creations, Hogwarts, Narnia (have a ride on Aslan’s back) and many more. The options are endless. Nowadays that I like historical and mythological tales more, I would wish to take a trip to Akbar’s court, a Grecian society, and old Josheon. Do tell me, if given an opportunity, which book’s characters would you like to spend time with?

I have always wanted to visit “The Shop around the Corner”- the bookstore in the movie ‘You have got mail’, and the decades old bookshop in ‘The Thirteenth Tale’. In the movie ‘Inkheart’ the protagonist and his daughter could hear voices from books; (the dialogues) they could hear the characters talking. It would be any booklover’s fantasy. Secret archives- the treasure house of knowledge, housing the truth about world’s unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories- o, only if I could look them up all… I have always dreamt of having a library to my name. Hope I would see that dream come true some day.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words- 8th- 14th of December, 2013, and today’s prompt was ‘Books’. 


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