Of arrivals and departures
Of meetings and partings
Of make-ups and breakups
Of love and hate
The deep ocean called mind
Has it all.

Of hellos and greetings
Of laughs and cries
Of tearful goodbyes
Every poignant moment
Is cherished with care.

I think our memories make us who we are. Without them we wouldn't be able to identify with ourselves. Our past defines us; it creates our perception of the world. Memories play a part in giving leverage to our thought process, and the decisions that we make. On the other hand, realizing that we have forgotten a long cherished moment or a vital part of our lives is painful. We can't really realize that pain until we grow old and experience it. Being forgotten is painful too; realizing that we are no longer a part of the person’s memories.

My memories are my treasure; my most prized possession. In earlier days I used to jot down events and experiences in my diaries, to keep a track of every to-be-remembered moment. And when time permits I flip through the pages and relive those old times…

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th- 14th December 2013.

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