A Hundred Different Faces

Every person we meet leaves a mark in our lives, however minute it may be.

The people at our home are the family we are born into. Mother’s love and scolding, father’s pampering, sibling’s fights and reconciliations, and grandparent’s adoring shapes us up. Learning begins at home, builds our nature and character. But then, there’s a larger family that we sometimes choose for ourselves and sometimes not- our friends, hostel roommates, chance acquaintances and encounters in the larger circle of friends-of-friends.

Some of them add spice to our lives; make memories with us and last lifelong. Some of them are the pretentious lot, add fun at times but mostly take advantage of us. Some of them are the real ‘friend in need is a friend in deed’. They support us, and give a shoulder to lean on when we are down and low, but for some reason drift apart. We hold unto them as much as we can, the real and rare gems in our lives, but circumstances distances them more and more. And all we can do is miss them.

Call it providence or fate or sheer coincidence, sometimes the most unexpected and unlikeliest of persons stay by us through the toughest of times, and the presumed close mates leave us alone. Sometimes total strangers prove to be angels in disguise and stand by us through thick and thin.

This world is an odd place. Let’s not disregard anyone, or take anyone for granted, for they may eventually prove to be fairies or djinns in disguise.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words. Today's writing prompt is 'People'.


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