Theme Reveal #AToZChallenge 2018

It's again that time of the year. April & the A To Z Blogging Challenge. And as usual the blogging universe is buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

And of course, how can I forget, nervous breakdowns too!

Yes, conjuring up 26 posts for each English alphabet along with a theme can be a daunting task.

The A to Z Challenge is an international blogging challenge wherein the bloggers post everyday of April, except on Sundays. Each post should have a title starting with the English alphabet of that day. Having a theme is better as the anticipation of the next post is kept alive in the readers. It's like a month long blogging marathon (a term I picked up from Preeti Shenoy's blog) , with Sundays off!

So today is the day, we bloggers reveal our chosen theme for this challenge.

I had first participated in the A To Z Challenge in 2015 with the theme 'Characters from the stories I have loved'. I had successfully completed it, without giving up or missing any letter.

I next participated in 2017. The theme I chose was 'Hallyu- The Korean Wave'. It was about Korean Drama series, sitcoms, mythology and other stories that had ruled my imagination for ages and still do. But I couldn't survive the challenge till the end. I opted out after 8 posts.

But with Blogchatter EbookCarnival I published a compilation of my best K-Drama reviews and articles: Kolors Of Korea

From stories of the mythical nine-tailed fox to mature coming-of-age tales; from ballads of love and longing to deep psychological mind games- Korean storytelling is way ahead of stereotypes and monotonous repetitions. It can be addicting, overwhelming, hilarious, elevating, and sentimental. 
Find reviews and recommendations of the best KDramas at one place for your next 'to-watch' list.

So this is my third time participating and fingers crossed, I would not back out in between this time. 

And my theme is "ART" .

"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth." - Pablo Picasso

Art is the essence of life, art is power and more. And most importantly, Art is NOT just an escape. I would blog this April about various artists, their vocation; interviews of few artists I have had the pleasure of knowing personally; creative encouragements; lists and reviews of art related shows; anecdotes and much more. 

"Creativity takes Courage." - Henri Matisse

So stay tuned. Exciting things are brewing up here. 

The A To Z Challenge
Theme Reveal


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