Being Grateful

practicing gratitude

When I sit down to count my blessings, I always realize that the list is endless. Loving parents, caring friends, a sister who adores me, the ability to make it in life, and many more. They are the people who remind me of my worth when I am down and all consumed in self pity. They are the people among certain others whom I owe my well being and happiness. Their words have helped me overcome many self imposed barriers; I am so grateful for their very presence in my life.

Being grateful is the secret to happiness and the science of contentment. Happiness is loving and accepting what you have and being grateful for it. And there is always something there to be thankful for, even if we think we are suffering the most. We tend to miss those things if we take them for granted. I am thankful for everything in my life, everything that has played a part into molding me to who I am today. I have realized that things happen for a reason, and every wrong turn becomes right in the larger aspect of life.

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” ― Alphonse KarrA Tour Round My Garden

I have finally inculcated two habits into my every living moment. One is sending a silent 'thank you' to the universe with all sincerity for every little thing that is worth being grateful for. Self talks that always go on within me now comprise more of positives, and counting the blessings than anything negative. Second one is wishing a 'bless you' for one person daily known or unknown, close or distant, with all my heart.

I am going to acknowledge even the smallest of gestures that bring a smile to my face, or a tender thought. I will appreciate every gift that life has to offer however unconventional and seemingly negligible.

practicing gratitude


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