Always In My Heart by Mary Ellis

mary ellis

An Amish Miracle-1

The story and plot:

Hope gave birth to another baby girl. Again. Stephan, her husband was happy for a healthy child but a son would have been better. He had prayed so much for a son to help him manage the farm, but whatever Lord had blessed them with was not really what he had wished for. The neighbors in the Amish community talked how unfortunate they were. And Hope withered away in self-pity and took it as a punishment from God for a sin she had once committed. She had given away her first born- a son, for adoption when she was just sixteen on the insistence of her father. She had been a disgrace to the family. The news was hushed and silenced before anyone knew she was unchaste. That son, wherever he was, must have grown to a man by now, Hope mused now and then.

She named the baby Faith, who grew up well with love and care. When Hope finally revealed the trauma she had gone through in her teenage years to Stephen, he was hurt at first. He felt he had perhaps not been a good husband for her to not choose to confide in him, but he was very sad at how wronged she had been. Hope’s relationship with her father had been strained, ever since he had forced her to give up her first born. She practices forgiveness towards him. Things change and happy tears shed when that son is back, after fifteen long years. James- An Amish Miracle.

What’s New:

I found the book was of Amish genre. I had no idea about this. The Amish live a simple life, wear plain clothes, and use minimal conveniences of modern technology. They don’t favor electricity or cars; use flashlights and horse driven buggies instead. They are plain people and their farmlands are the most productive. I was truly fascinated by their family-centered life in contrast to our fast paced society. For them their heritage and way of life is second only to God. Their community spirit, worship services, and schooling came as a big surprise for me. Their kindness and generosity was really new to me. And such communities do exist in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They live the traditional way- make their own clothes, write letters, and never use computers or TV or camera. I want to live such a simple, peaceful life inculcating everything good and beautiful and getting rid of all the stress of modern living.

I loved the girls- Emily, Josie, and Greta. They were so innocent and cute. And chatty. I liked the narration- it was simple and easy going. The story too is a very simple one focused on human relationships. I liked the use of Dutch-German words. I learnt quite a few from the glossary. This novella is about forgiveness and how God works miracles in our lives. Recommended to anyone who likes it simple.  

5/5 stars. I thank Booksneeze for the review copy.


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