Thoughts in Bits & Pieces III

In this world, being different pays. The uncommon and unique is sellable. By that I don’t mean it needs to be beautiful or good. It just has to be able to attract attention. The ugly duckling can be a beautiful swan. The task in this scenario is to find that right, promotable, attention grabbing, one of its kind ‘uniqueness’.

People will take note of the winner and the loser, but the average intermediates shall go unnoticed, until and unless they have an attribute that’s different from the rest of the crowd. Let’s go a few years back in time. Do you remember who stood first in your class? Do you remember who failed and had to repeat a year? Of course you do. Now, do you remember who came fourth that year? No, you don’t recall this one. Now again, do you remember a boy who cried a lot or had long or dyed hair; or a girl who was a tomboy or had spikes or had green eyes; or someone who had the gift of oration, or singing, or playing violin or karate? And the answer’s yes, you most obviously do.

Quite similarly, the famous are applauded, the infamous are looked down upon, but those in between are among the unknowns.

Here’s another perspective.

A watch maker may not get due appreciation in the village of watchmakers, but he’ll get famous in the rest of the villages. But for that he has to leave his comfort zone, explore places and find out where he is required the most. Sitting with hope and waiting, won’t get him what he wants.
And if you are not good in studies and academics, may be your calling is somewhere else, and your job is to find it. Success is in discovering one’s strengths and weaknesses alike. Satisfaction is in knowing that you did your best.

P.S: There are three things without which, success, even if it comes to you, won’t stay for long. Respect, love, and be proud of your mother tongue and native land. The developed economies like China, Japan, and Korea are examples of that very fact. Carry your culture and tradition like a crown- with care, reverence, pride and dignity. If you don’t, then don’t expect people to hold you high much long. And lastly, respect your past, good or bad. It molded you to who you are, and what you believe and stand for.


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