Book Review: 'Love, That Shit!' by Chandru Bhojwani

Chandru Bhojwani

‘Love, That Shit!’ by Chandru Bhojwani is published by Om Books International (2013), and is priced Rs.165 for paperback and Rs.157 for the kindle version in It is a non-fiction of the self help genre. I received the ebook from the author for the reviewing purpose.

The themes in the book basically revolve round love, relationships and all the baggage that comes with it, especially in India. Inspiring at times and hilarious in between, it deals with the emotional and mental dilemmas of individuals in or out of a relationship. It gives ideas to tackle problems, for people with different perspectives. If not that, then it provides an outsider’s point of view giving a funny angle to the mess, in the least.

“Holding on to what’s not meant to be in your life will only corrode you from the inside out and eventually you won’t be able to blame anyone except the person in the mirror.”  “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.”

I enjoyed reading every chapter of the book. The narration creates a good rapport with the readers. It has its quirks, satires, and sarcasms at the right places infused with the right amount of fun and entertainment factor. It’s addictive- makes you read on and on and ponder over the truth at the core of it. The author has used references from different findings and books for the readers’ clarity of thought. And the real life accounts and experience of real people – told in italics- is comical and amusing at places. The language used is simple as it is aimed at providing a message, a bit of motivation and feel-good vibes through the humorous take on certain situations. One of my favorite quotes being: “We too shall rise from the ashes. We too shall prevail. We too shall achieve and accomplish. Because it’s all, the part of the plan of the universe."
The complete review was published in Half Baked Beans. Do read it here.


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