From Earth To Firmament #ThursdayTreeLove

A majestic tree spotted at FRI, Dehradun

The scene looks so serene, so foreign that it's hard to believe it is in India. FRI - A beautiful place to be. Want to visit the place again, for yet another evening walk.

Linking the post with Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove


  1. Wow! What an amazingly GREEN photo . . . says she from drought-stricken Port Elizabeth in S.Africa! Thankful Thursdays returns

  2. Serene atmosphere.. Such a beautiful tree it is.

  3. Beautiful. It's the kind of place I'd love to read in the whole day long!

  4. What a lovely one. I can live here. Thank you so much for joining!

  5. Such a beautiful, majestic tree. Just thinking of all the shade that tree produces, and how appreciated it is!

  6. FRI is on the top of my places-to-visit-list... I hope I can make it there sooner than later. Your photograph has just reinforced this wish! :-)

  7. This does seem like a peaceful place..... like you said quite rare in India. And this tree is magnificent. Even without the people below, I'm sure it is imposing and grand

  8. I have been to FRI and there are many towering trees in the complex. I have to say these are impressive.

  9. Lovely place. So neatly maintained!! Your post made me to understand more on FRI.

  10. Calm and relaxing , feel like lying down on the grass:)

  11. Such a serene photo. Never visited Dehradun.If i see such a beautiful big green tree,i will go and hug that tree tightly.


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