The Haunted Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

The "Haunted" Tree: Dehradun
Thank you Kashish for this click. My hostel mate goes through rough terrains (:P) to get me a picture of unique trees.


  1. Its a strange looking tree ! Many other epiphytes or parasitic species seem to be growing on it! Possibly home to some birds as well.. Good spotting!

  2. It does look a bit freaky. The surroundings are green and I wonder is there is someone hiding there ;)
    Great entry Pratikshya. Thank you for joining!

  3. What's the story behind it? Seems just like an ordinary... old but ordinary for the age tree.

  4. We had a same one at our hostel too. The picture briubro so many memories

  5. It does look haunted and walking around this place can be frightening.

  6. It does look haunted. I wonder what is growing on it - the air plant type species aren't common where I live.


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