Of Evening Walks and Memories Ahead

Maggi Point (No Filters) - The view is far far better than this capture

Mango Orchard

It happens for a reason. Everything.

I truly believe this adage. The people that are around me today, with whom I spend my time, share my thoughts and life experiences have come to my life in this phase for a reason. I hope I learn from their perspective of life and also give them food for thought in their day to day life situations.

I don't know where from I got this energy to walk 3.5 km from hostel to the Maggi point to watch the sunset view. Whenever we were tired and asked her how far it was, she said it was just near the next turning. The last turning didn't come for the next half an hour. I was nearly exhausted by the walk but it was all so worth it. Like trekking. And the sun made patterns of yellow and red on the far-off mountains before setting down changing the hues to dark green. It was beautiful. Mesmerizing indeed. And I couldn't believe such a sight was so easily accessible to us and would be so for another year or so.

Stops for local transports
And I think I would be able to build up my stamina and physical prowess slowly and steadily if I walk daily. Evening walks are fruitful indeed. We discover so much around the place. Corn and sugarcane plantations have become common now, no big deal as they were before. But the majestic trees and fences and the view of the mountains clad with clouds still excite and fascinate us. We still click selfies in that background. And I click every random thing for memory- a dog drenched in the rain, a basketball match in an open playground, jam-packed vehicles, wildflowers, and beautiful cafes. I am learning the ways- shortcuts and easier paths. And also the art of asking for a lift from uncles and aunties of the neighbourhood; and offering to promote their restaurants, eateries, home delivery tiffin services, and hostels in a gesture of gratitude. The people here are really good, helping and kind. Transportation problem is not unknown to anyone here, owing to the scarcity of local transport.

Wildlings and fences. Mountains and descending clouds.

Dreamz Cafe has become a perfect cosy hangout place for us. Impromptu visits during the evening walks and running for cover from the unannounced rain, it has become a safe haven. We end up there usually without our wallets and Paytm comes to our rescue for ordering steamed Momos, macaroni, KitKat and Cadbury Silk shake. I love the ambience there. One of those spaces with various cardboard games, pool, scramble for entertainment; beautiful wall hangings, dream catchers, wall stickers and paintings for decor; and blackboard kind of spaces in pillars for nostalgia and memories. The only thing that's lacking is a string of Polaroid pictures.

I joined the organization. It conducts sessions on weekends. But the business thing is scary as well as exciting. Thank goodness I had savings. Want to keep it under wraps till I am confident enough to wear it proudly on my sleeves. Aim big. Work more, expect less. Take failures and rejections in stride. Build confidence and experience.

View Of Sunset From Maggi Point (Filters on)

In just a few days everything seems so familiar about this place and its people. It happens every time we give away a part of ourselves to the place we live in. Open our hearts and receive all the love and blessings it has to offer. I can see myself missing this place terribly when I leave it behind.

Into the Horizon


  1. walking with friends is really helpful. With cool discussions and being close to the nature relaxes us a bit.

    1. Really,,.. I love those chit chats and deep discussions.... :)

  2. Its so beautiful. I love such walks when you soak in every bit of nature, talk to them and listen to their sounds.

    1. True. It's beautiful here. Beauty overloaded indeed. Rain or shine- it's worth a walk....

  3. I also believe that each person comes in our lives with a purpose/reason. I love walking and if this view is worth a walk.

    1. So true. The view has made me leave the laziness behind.

  4. Everything about is post is beautiful and nostalgic. The pictures, the narrative and the friendship made me feel as if I was taking a walk down memory lane in a different city.

    1. :D :) Most of them here are seven years junior to me, but we have bonded so well in such a short span of time. Gratitude!

  5. The mesmerizing views takes the soul along to discover the sense and makes the journey beautiful, I am sure. A beautifully penned post, Pratikshya!


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