Life In Captions #WriteBravely

She had wanted to curate everything. Every new dress, every flower in the garden, every scene on the terrace, every day-out together, and every new experience. She would click for some and then capture some more through words. 

And he would happily let her have her way. While he believed in living in the moment than fidgeting with the camera and the notepad to capture it for posterity, she was quite the opposite. She relied less on her own memory. Memory was fickle. Intangible. Impermanent.

Today as she gathered her treasures for another viewing, this Polaroid picture caught her attention. There was a caption- 'Husband and Daughter’. Forgetfulness had its advantages. It didn't make you wistful of the past. Had she looked at the picture this morning too, or the day before? She wasn't sure.

A middle-aged man and a young girl walked in then. They stopped short at the albums strewn around her. 

“Yeah, that's us,” the man spoke looking at the photo in her hand. 

And she smiled.


  1. Wow. You have created magic in so few words. Made me remember the movie The notebook.

  2. Aah. Memory is a slippery eel. Sad for her but glad that she has her loved ones with her. A fab take on the prompt, Pratikshya.

  3. Lovely bittersweet take. I always worry what if that is my end :/

  4. Aww, even her forgetfullness has a touch of love. Reminded me of ending of movie - 50 First Dates. :)


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