Love Myself Or You: A Taiwanese Drama Series


Love Myself Or You is a 20 episodes Taiwanese drama.

Du Kai Qi is self-reliant, independent and lives on her own terms. She refuses to seek help or rely on other for anything at all. She doesn’t ask for company even when she needs it the most. She doesn’t acknowledge any kind of assistance as it makes her feel indebted to the person. She likes being alone, and rarely seeks friendship. She thwarts every attempt of getting close from people around her through her rude remarks and mean words. She has trusting issues. She has a past. She doesn’t cry when she’s sad. She holds it in, and it fuels her work.

Ah Jie is all smiles, all optimistic for everything. He is a professional chef who doesn’t enjoy the spotlight and joins as an intern in his father’s restaurant. He has worked in different French restaurants, studied culinary arts in France and knows Frenchmen’s taste as well as the French cuisine totally. He would sign his dishes ‘Louis’- his French name when he worked in place of the head chef. And Kai Qi is a fan of Louis, not knowing he’s the intern she bosses over and orders around in the kitchen. Ah Jie knows Kai Qi was his childhood playmate and wants to get to know her more, get closer to her. But all he gets in return for his attempts at friendship is rude, mean, unwelcoming words. Kai Qi refuses to open up. But the winds slowly change when they take part in the Taiwan Cooking Competition.

For the national level cooking competition Kai Qi and Ah Jie drew inspiration from nature- a botanical garden in particular for their winning dish. From the tiny yellow flowers of the cucumber creepers to the varied shapes, structures, and colors of the lotus pond, they learned to mix and match from nature. Seeking flavors and ingredients from the local bazaar and poultry farm, they bonded over their common culinary interests.

We as audience witness the different aspects of each of the characters, with time and situation. Each one has a special role and a story that is revealed as we go with the flow. Kai Qi is able to revive a past friendship once turned sour with the help of Ah Jie. All guilts and wrongdoings are forgotten and forgiven. The six-year-old kid, Xiao Yi, that Kai Qi is taking care of is so damn cute. He plays almost the pivotal point at home, shaping the relationship between the leads. And the best part is that most of the leads bond over either cooking or reading manga. That is so awesome. It is a kitchen drama, a restaurant drama, a food series- most of the scenes are in the kitchen. So, it is indeed a treat for foodies.

The series has a good solid storyline, with lighthearted fun and comedy at times. I would rate it 4/5 stars. It is recommended for all the Asian Drama lovers. 


Queeristan by Parmesh Sahani

  Queeristan (Amazon Link) Thanks to Audible Free Trial I listened to this amazing non-fiction on LGBTQ inclusion in Indian workplaces. Author Parmesh Sahani identifies as gay Indian, working closely with Godrej higher management and employees for years to create an inclusive workplace, both legally and in spirit. This book is a result of those years of experience, research, collaboration with individuals from difference spectrum of the society and organizations who has successfully transitioned into a queer friendly one.   Indian history is inclusive. From the Khajuraho temple architectures, to Konark to the Rig Veda, there is existing proofs even 2000 years ago of Indian inclusiveness of queer. It’s the draconian British law that criminalised it, which was scraped in 2009, came into effect once again following a sad judgement in 2013 and eventually was scraped off for good in 2018. I am in awe of the lawyers who fought this legal battle- colleagues and partners – Arundhati Katju

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