#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal: Hallyu


I had participated in the #AToZChallenge in 2015. I had blogged about 26 fictional characters I loved. They were my favorite ones whom I adored in movies, drama series, and novels. In 2016 things became too hectic for me and I couldn’t participate. But I did miss so much fun. I tried to compensate the experience by participating in the UltimateBloggingChallenge in October 2016. But there’s nothing like blogging with a theme and that too alphabetically. Now until today morning, after trying to come up with a theme, trying to plan a bit for April, I had almost given up on this happening event for the year 2017. I had almost decided not to take part. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and here I am jotting up words, making out sentences for the April AToZChallenge Theme Reveal post.

Anyone who has been following my posts here must be aware what a huge self-professed fan I am of Korean Drama Series. I have done a couple of blog posts here at Magic Moments and also made a few guest posts at A Potpourri Of Vestiges (Scarlet Heart) on some awesome drama series. The Hallyu or the Korean culture wave is nothing new for most people- but I want to show you that world through my eyes, as I see it. I want to open that immeasurable window of imagination, experience, and emotion to the people unacquainted with Korean sitcoms. From stories of the mythical nine-tailed fox to mature coming-of-age tales; from ballads of love and longing to deep psychological mind games- Korean storytelling is way ahead of stereotypes and monotonous repetitions.  It can be addicting, overwhelming, hilarious, elevating, and sentimental; just like coffee and chocolate. I can’t find a better analogy right now. The entertainment industry in South Korea is huge, and the pop culture is no joke. It has been spreading wings worldwide since the early 1990s. I won’t be speaking of anything political, or anything about the cosmetic industry. My posts in April would be mostly of and about stories- learnings and life lessons from them. 

Stay tuned. We would be entering a new world of characters and stories beyond the border. Hope you join me in the fun. 


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