Letter to a Broken Heart

Dear Sugar,

I must urge you to get up now. Right now. Do as I say. Get up, brush your teeth, fill the water jugs up, sweep the floors with the new broom, and make yourself an omelette. I won't give you the vague advice of getting a hold on yourself and your situation. I will walk with you through it all. Trust me. This will soon be over.

Now look at the mirror while you brush. Look at what a mess you have made of yourself. Your eyes look bloated, yes, and ugly. It's ok- you just have to pamper your face now. Common now don't stop to think about last night's cry fest and heart break. You know you deserve better. Rinse that face and that self pity away.

Dear Honey, do you know that cleaning works wonders for the aching heart. Clean the floors thoroughly, every nook and corner. Yes, that's right. Arrange the clothes on the hanger neatly. Ya babe, that's right. You're good at this. Now throw all the garbage away- all the letters, greeting cards and movie tickets that you've ever hoarding in your treasure box. Throw your baggage of expectation with it.

Dear Marmalade, I know you don't know a variety of cooking but you love to experiment. Do that now- you have all the freedom in the world. Mix and match any vegetable, any fruit and any herb you like- the kitchen is yours today. There is no one to judge your bitter cup of coffee, you can have it as bitter as you desire. Make that veggie farm omelette and make yourself the priority.

Dear Tangerine, now that you are full, turn on that music on your laptop and bask in the joy of solitude. You are lovely and you are enough. Paint your nails. Make that bubble bath you had always wanted to have. Light that incense stick. Create that ambience in your home. Decorate. Change the sheets. Make wall hangings. Do the dinning table. Invest your time in home décor and in your own self.

Dear Love, now take time to read the newspaper. Read that book. That novel. That comic. Anything you want to. Write your novel if you feel like it. Leverage the gifts you have and dream once more.

~Your alter-ego :)


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