Another Week Gone By #MondayMusings

Weeks and weekends seem to pass by in a jiffy these days. Another Monday has arrived.

I read a book this week- Six Degrees by It is a compilation of three different stories with the same set of characters, but a different plot, narrative, and voice. I liked reading it. It was a new, one of a kind of experience. I felt like watching three different movies with the same characters- at the end, it kind of felt surreal.

I watched Kapoor & Sons in my laptop. Finally, yes! I loved it. I watched it in three days, part by part. Occasionally, I replayed scenes, paused a lot to savor the moment, took many breaks to dab the tears, and hummed the tunes to myself in the bathroom. I fell in love with the flawed, not so perfect family. I adored the mischievous GrandPa played by Rishi Kapoor- he indeed was the backbone of the family, the one singular person that connected every emotionally estranged member. I empathized with the brothers who loved each other but were never at peace. I was charmed by the beautiful backdrop of Coonur, and the acting of the cast. One of the most memorable family movies I have watched.

Apart from these, mornings had me practice a bit of Yoga- usually those breathing Pranayams to reduce my extra belly fat. But on the contrary, I would watch FoodFood channel for hours trying to decide which recipe to prepare in the weekend. Then I would sit calmly for minutes sipping my homemade cup of Kaddha, for cough and cold. I love sipping- be it tea, coffee, Horlicks, or even Kaddha. Monsoon is here, and with the change of season, I am trying to cope up with coughs and sneezes.

I listened to a lot of music yesterday. Sunday night, feeling low, music was the best therapy.

Next month is special. So, as June draws to a close I plan for the next month. Smiles! Happy week ahead!



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