A to Z Theme Reveal

I love stories. I need stories to survive, to be sane. Stories that offer a short vacation from the real world. Stories that help the escapist in me. I always carry my daily dose of fiction and nonfiction with me- movies, novels, ebooks, newspaper, blogs, and magazines. Any one of these would make my day complete. So with the several books that I have read and the hundred or so movies that I have watched, I have come across numerous characters. I have made acquaintances with some, and fallen deeply for a few. Some have enthralled me to no end and some have frustrated and disgusted me in equal measure.

So here’s to those characters I don’t ever want to forget- the protagonists, leads, wallflowers, side-kicks, under dogs and doormats that I have cherished with all my heart. Revealing the theme with the sound of bells, drums and cymbals reverberating in the background. J ‘CHARACTERS’
So throughout the month of April I’m going to blog about the characters that have made an impression on me, their names starting from the alphabet assigned for that day. I would include characters from novels and movies, that is for sure. I may include a few from history, mythology, legends and folktales. I may include a very few real life people whom I know and find very interesting. I may create one or two characters. Hope you’d like it.

Awaiting April. This is my first time taking up an A-to-Z challenge. I hope I don’t skip any letter, even if it becomes hectic.


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