A New Life

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The past is deep, as they always say. And life is a bouquet of surprises. It hurts and wounds but time heals it all. My life too has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. I was once the most loved and cherished daughter of our village. Though not really pampered by my three brothers, I was considered important and dear. Our mother always trusted me more and let me handle all the responsibilities. I was the one to guide the others to do tasks and I took immense pleasure in ordering them around. And then one day a groom was chosen for me from the many proposals that always kept coming in. The marriage took place after they had my consent, and off I went to my in-laws’ leaving my home behind.

It was a happy start of a new life, far from home, nearby the rocky beaches of Mumbai. A new chapter of my life had begun with someone who respected me, whom I was happy to be with. But one cannot judge a person in a matter of months. Every smiling face is not happy inside. I understood it the hard way through a nasty game that fate played with me. After just a year to our wedding, while we were in a vacation visiting our family and relatives, one day a news suddenly shattered all my dreams of a blessed married life. He was no more. He had poisoned himself in the spur of a moment loaded with stress and issues I had no idea about.

I came back to the same village after a period of shock, grief and mourning. People came one after the other every day to talk to me and cheer me up. They loved me and cared about me, I was sure of that, but they also tactfully avoided my path early morning or before the onset of a journey. I was a widow. I was unlucky. They couldn’t risk encounter me even accidentally lest my luck should transfer to them. Relatives tried to console me when I was down, and whispered new proposals to mother when I was not to be seen.

Then one day something inspired me to stop withering away in self pity and make an attempt to set life on a new track. Motivated by these thoughts, I arranged the required documents, draped a good cotton wear, and went to the village school to inquire about any vacancy in teaching positions. I wanted a job to divert my mind from all things negative, and thankfully got one. My days got better from there. I healed and learned to let go. Pursuing my passion as my profession brought back my lost confidence and restored my faith in God. I also resumed my tuition classes for secondary and high school students. I earned respect and admiration from students, fellow colleges and parents. I saved a lot for months together and finally renovated our old house. It felt so good to see mother and brothers beam with joy and pride.

P.S: Hope this story about starting a new life would be an inspiration to those embarking on a journey of their own.

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