KDrama 'The Liar and His Beloved'

The Plot

A certain music band is a youth sensation. The young folks are crazy about their music, their album releases and concerts. Their albums are pre-ordered months before releasing in the country, their interviews scheduled days earlier to avoid availability issues. They are high on demand. 

But there is another individual behind the great soulful music that the group renders its voices to- K- the faceless person who prefers to remain anonymous and far from the madding crowd. Only the company knows who he is, and his identity is kept confidential. The band is close to him, but he is the master of their fates.

One fine day when K is struggling to come in terms with his heartbreak, walking along the road by the river bank, he stumbles upon a tune, the hint of a new song. He is transported to that suspension of consciousness, and lyrics come to him as he channels his ache into something beautiful. The pain becomes his muse and he creates soulful renditions in that moment. When he is brought back to the reality, he has nothing to record his voice in, nothing to jot down these words and ideas before they try to elude him and vanish from his mind. Just then he finds a girl on a bicycle beside him on the road, staring at him. He almost snatches her smart phone, opens the recorder app, and sings into it, leaving the girl surprised and mesmerized. After sending the recording to his mail, he just takes off, leaving the girl to put the pieces together. She, an aspiring singer herself, is besotted with this nameless person.

She listens to the tune a hundred times a day, hums to its music, plays instruments for it, and also adds lyrics to the broken ones, wishing to meet that person once again. She keeps searching for him by the river banks, in the market, near the happening streets of the town so that she would stumble upon him again, by chance. Meanwhile K has got his new song for the band; the band prepares it for their upcoming album’s title track. Finally, they meet again when she tries to catch his attention singing the first few lines of that tune which led them to cross paths at first, on stage.

She adores him for who he is, without knowing his real identity. He is drawn to her once he has listened to her voice, music binds them together. But her childlike adulation and honest feelings for him is not reciprocated with the same. He is surprised at knowing she is a high school student, not a college student. A minor. He is flabbergasted. He tries to avoid meeting her but fate has different plans. She gets selected as the new artist for the same company that K works in, with a contract of three years. When their paths cross again in the studio, she gets to know his real identity as K, it’s her turn to get stunned. She is hurt by his lies and hidden truths, and confronts him as to what he really thinks of her. Is it just a voice that can be used for a great song, just another fan, or what else?


I liked this K-drama series, watched long ago, and this draft had been lying in my blogs lists. So I thought of using it for the Blogchatter Half Marathon.

This post is a part of Blogchatter Half Marathon.  


  1. Sounds very interesting. I have heard a lot about K dramas but haven't watched any. Also, I used to think K dramas were Ekta Kapoor serials and wondered why people were so interested...😊

  2. This sounds like something I would watch. A lot of international shows are avaialble to us due to streaming platforms and their subtitles.


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