Busan #AtoZChallenge

Busan City Center
Busan Fireworks Festival is a big deal. It’s conducted annually near Gwangalli Beach, Busan, South Korea- one of the most popular beaches among youth in the country. Brightly colored lights in the sky, reflect in the crystal clear waters too, making it quite an enchanting sight. People throng from around the country and the world to witness the festival, it’s one of the much awaited one’s around the year. There’s music along with the sky show, there’s open restaurants near the beach, and roof top coffee shops where people can spend romantic moments with their loved ones while watching the beautiful fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Dalmaji-gil Cherry Blossoms
This fantasy-like city is a backdrop in many of the Korean drama series and movies, providing the best suited romantic setting for a scene. Though the most recent one that comes to my mind is ‘Train to Busan’, the movie on zombie apocalypse, but the city is far from being dark or sinister. It’s the second largest island in Korea with beautiful scenery that is a tourist’s favorite. Gamcheon in Busan has colorful quirky lego shaped houses down the hill. Cherry blossoms in Dalmaji-gil (literally translates to ‘taking in the moon’) road are telecast through various drama series. Busan is famous for its grand film festival too- the largest crowd attracting one in Asia.

Beomeosa Temple

The Beomeosa temple in Busan is a wish-list worthy place. 

Busan- City of Festivals -Read More on Festivals in Busan

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