I Belong...

I belong
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I belong
In all the quotes I imprinted in my mind
In all those words I fell in love with
In all those imaginations I freely indulged in
In all those characters I lived through the books I read.

I belong
To all those places I ever called home
To all those people I ever called family
To all those friends I ever called life’s gems
To him that I ever called soul-mate.

I belong
In the forgetful memories of people once dear
In the lost chances to reunite with love
In regrets that they harbor
In the guilt that gnaws at their souls.

I belong
To the wind, that caresses my face
To the sky that showers its love and blessing
To the seasons that welcome me with open arms
To the miracle that life is.

I belong
To the receding breaths that leave me faint
To the beats of the heart, that are pulling the breaks
To the oblivion, that awaits on the other end
To the bottomless pit that threatens to swallow me whole.


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