Reflections #atozchallenge

As I sit down to write this, I wonder and miss, the eventful month that April was. It was my first time taking part in any blogging challenge, and I was not sure if I could even complete it. But I survived and I feel so satisfied with myself on being able to do so. I decided a theme, my favorite one- characters; scheduled a few posts and wrote some on the day itself; read so many bloggers, visited so many new and unique themed posts from around the world, felt inspired and motivated by more than a few. All in all it was a great experience, a whole some one.

Next time in April 2016, I hope to come up with another theme close to my heart, and schedule all the posts for better results. :D I would take this opportunity to all the bloggers who visited me, liked my posts, commented and encouraged me to keep it up. It truly means a lot. Thank you, wholeheartedly. What I liked about this challenge is it has very good scope for creativity, and brain storming. Be it fiction or non fiction, I have come across so many interesting takes on this challenge, in the month of April.

As you all know I love stories and characters. The fictional world is somehow my emotional support system. To survive through reality and be sane at the same time I need to escape to that world through novels and movies every once in a while. I draw my inspiration, motivation, zest for life and love from there. And the month gone by has brought me closer to some of my favorite characters that I keep going back to. It's an ever expanding world inside my head, ever increasing family and connections. I love them, and I thank the people behind this successful challenge for this great experience. 


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