So, what now?

Famous Introverts
Yes, I'm Quiet.. :D

Semesters over, four years of engineering over, successfully completed. Time to bade farewells, say our goodbyes, start a new life leaving friends and all the memories. It's Mysore for me- @Infosys
Hope future holds something good, and wish to stay in touch with all my friends. Hope time won't separate us.

April A to Z challenge is over. Feels like everything is ending. But yes it's opportunity for the new beginning. I'm reading these two books, drawing constant inspiration from them these days. And watching Angel Eyes, a korean sitcom. Loving the theme song in it, slow yet unforgettable background score. It's a twisted love story about a 20 year old girl who has lost her sight in an accident, and a free spirited unassuming boy who's two years her junior. The first two episodes would take your breath away with it's beautiful depiction of heart warming characters and would compel you to dream of true love or miss your teenage years.

Angel Eyes
I'm preparing documents, and shopping a bit for the journey. It's 20th May. I'd be leaving Bhubaneswar for about 4 to 5 months till the completion of training. Awaiting new experiences and life ahead. :) Wish me luck!! Meanwhile, would love to get some feedback on my blog. Hope you'd take up this survey. Thanks. Love you all.  


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